Presentation is everything and a great idea badly presented is a lost idea.

Whether applying for Art College or a creative job, we can help you construct a digital and a physical portfolio of work that you will be proud of.

The Art Portfolio Surgery knows how to help you make the most of the selection, editing and presentation of your best and most appropriate art and design work, offering a professional, honest appraisal and constructive advice on how you can improve your portfolio content. The Art Portfolio Surgery has a very high, 1st choice college acceptance success rate with its one-to-one students, and exceptional feedback from schools and colleges.

Along with our portfolio surgeries, We offer art tuition sessions that are designed to underpin the tuition you may already be receiving at your school or college helping you enhance your creative content. Our sessions can also focus on A Level Art content that can be used in an art college application portfolio.

Make sure you put yourself ahead of the game... and understand that your work represents you and the way you present it illustrates your professional approach, your passion and your practice.

Together we will compile an art and design portfolio to ensure the strongest impact and make the best impression at your interview.