Testimonial – St Charles 6th Form College

Our department has been a grade one for the past eight years, we strive for excellence and Paula contributes a valuable service to our teams’ work on the students’ portfolios. Over the past three years Paula has carried out portfolio workshops to Staff and Students with a view to prepare these students for interview onto a pre degree Foundation Course, or to present the submission of a more specialist portfolio for a degree course. 

Many Universities now favor the ‘drop off’ of a portfolio rather than a one to one interview, so the selection of work in the portfolio must speak for itself. It is, therefore vital that the students work is appropriate and demonstrating a high standard of work. Paula has been invaluable with her teaching experience across a wide range of subject specialist courses, enabling her to guide and give subject specific advice to students who are applying directly onto a Degree Course and the diagnostic Foundation Course. Paula has also run workshops for staff who are new to portfolio guidance, as well as staff who wish to have a second opinion on students work. Paula can also give information about the specific Art Schools personal likes and dislikes, in terms of the presentation of the portfolio; this contributes to a student’s success. I cannot recommend Paula Nessick more highly.

Lorraine McGuiness – Head of Art, St. Charles Sixth Form College, London. 2012

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