Student Testimonials

“I got offers from all three art colleges!! Thank you very much for helping me build up my portfolio and installing some much needed confidence in myself.”

Ruth 2015 – LCC Foundation

“I came to The Art Portfolio Surgery only a few weeks before my Portfolio reviews for art foundation. Paula helped my put together my work in just 3 sessions. To begin with, she looked through my art and together we decided which work should be included. She then set me a small amount of work to prepare for our next session, such as taking photos of my work and to do a drawing or two, which would benefit my portfolio. Paula then helped me to put together each page, in an analytical order, exactly how the art schools expect it to be presented. Thanks to Paula’s portfolio help I received offers from all three Art school which I had applied for and so I would really recommend her!”

Carmel – CSM Foundation

“I think what you gave my daughter was so much more than helping to harness all this art work into one coherent portfolio it has also given her the skills to know how to approach the task in the future. It really opened our eyes as what is involved in the process.”

Claire Duggan – Parent

“Paula’s enthusiasm and fantastic organization has helped me prepare two completely different portfolios for two BA courses. She has helped me structure portfolios for BA Architecture and BA Fine Art with which I gained places at all my university choices”.

Alice BA Fine Art – Central Saint Martins.

“I was on a gap year after my art foundation and was struggling to get a portfolio together on my own. APS approach was really clever; a mixture of tasks set to do at home and evaluations of my work allowed me to focus on all the weaknesses in my portfolio while re-enforcing the strengths.”

Caspian – Chelsea Illustration BA

“From a parent’s point of view, it is money well spent to know that an expert has helped put the portfolio together to suit different art colleges (whether online or for paper presentation). From a student’s point of view, you go in feeling anxious, but by the time you finish with Paula, you feel more confident, reassured that you are presenting the best work for that particular college, and ready to explain at an interview why you have chosen those pieces.”

Rosie and Sara (mum) Kingston Foundation


“APS helped me to see the best ways in which to explain and link my work and gave me the confidence to approach interviews”

Ella – Kingston Foundation


“Paula’s invaluable help on my daughter’s portfolio meant that she was successful in her application to Goldsmiths’ Design BA. Paula’s advice was clear, intelligent and inspired. I cannot recommend The Art Portfolio Surgery highly enough, not only was the help practical Paula also gave my daughter great confidence for her interview.”

Natalie (mum) Daughter offered Goldsmith Design BA 2014 

Paula has such a wealth of knowledge and so much experience in the field her advice is priceless.”

Paula Ince – LCF

“From arriving with just a pile of work, I left with far more confidence than I had and the beginnings of a Portfolio I was very happy with. I have since been to two interviews, both of which I got places for”. 

Anton – Newham College for the Pre Apprentice Bespoke Tailoring

“Paula evaluated and very swiftly mapped out and explained exactly what work she needed to do to meet the college’s requirements, a huge amount of ideas and suggestions were offered to for my daughter to explore and develop. She adored the sessions and always came away excited and eager to start work on her set tasks. Paula used her vast experience to help her put the final touches on her portfolio and the results were spectacular. 

Mari Mackenzie daughter offered CCW Foundation

“Thorough and honest in her appraisal of my work, I followed her instructions to the letter and everyone who saw the finished portfolio thought it was stunning. She even advised me on my personal statement. I’m pleased to be able to say that after all of Paula’s input I got offered a place at Chelsea College of Art and Design”.

Hannah – Chelsea College of Art

“From my position, in France as a foreign exchange student from the US, it was difficult and overwhelming to get all of my materials together to send to schools. I had a lot of work to do; drawings, paintings, full projects, and a month to do it all! Paula wasn’t flustered by the amount of work I had to do, but worked with me calmly and efficiently over the computer whilst I was still in France and in person when I came to London”.

Emily – Pratt Institute NYC.

“It was very easy to talk to her about your work and I feel that without having my portfolio improved by Paula that I wouldn’t have received my place to study a foundation at Camberwell.”

Daniel – Foundation CCW

“Paula has helped me with ideas in current projects in school, as well as with my portfolio. She was encouraging and helped me to create a portfolio I am very proud of, which has resulted in me getting a place to study my first choice art foundation course at LCC. I would hugely recommend Paula’s help and guidance for any student looking for portfolio help”. 

Min – Leeds Foundation

“The straight and honest advice I received was great, it was easy to see that she knows exactly what she is looking for, and worked quickly and efficiently to help me organize all the work I had. In addition to this, Paula set me several tasks/projects to help fill some gaps in my portfolio. All of which once completed I was very happy with. From arriving with just a pile of work, I left with far more confidence than I had and the beginnings of a Portfolio I was very happy with. I have since been to two interviews, both of which I got places for. And after completing the work she set I now have a portfolio I am extremely happy with”.

Anton – Newham college for the Pre Apprentice Bespoke Tailoring